Some dreams

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Some dreams

Post  Admin on Sun Oct 11, 2009 2:58 pm

Wildest dreams for camp

Inspired by the pig at the library: a sculpture garden of story book characters

an amphitheater. - we pick a site such that when we are rolling in money, we expand it & build a full stage with electric outlets

If we end up draining the lower lake, we should take a core sample & see if there is a layer of cupcake papers and birthday cake candles from decades of girls sailing wishboats on Saturday night - until they realized all the wax was not great for the environment.

A bigger museum. The mill would be a display of the mill workings & hydroelectric stuff.

A shower house / bathroom so they are available even if you aren't staying in one of the big houses.

A couple "hobbit holes" where small troops or patrols can stay even in winter

An arts studo - including a recording studio.



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